Picture This

Waymarking worked with Abram Ward Community Cooperative  (AWCC) on a co-produced, creative engagement project to engage local people in the community economic development work being undertaken by AWCC. The project was entitled Picture This! and celebrated the history of local shops, shopping and small business in the Abram Ward area. Local people collected in over 130 stories, memories and photos from the five villages of Abram, Bamfurlong, Bickershaw, Platt Bridge and Spring View.

Waymarking artists Helen Mather and Cath Long produced textile window hangings depicting the photos and stories collected. The project culminated in the 'We Count You In Gathering' which took place at Platt Bridge Community Zone on 5th April 2019.

Picture This! supported local people to understand more about the business premises audit in Platt Bridge Centre, the Platt Bridge Community Green visioning work and AWCC's Made in Wigan project.

AWCC's work was funded by Power to Change and is part of the Empowering Places programme.

Image credit: Sarah Spanton

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