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Contact Waymarking


+44 7905 765 287

About Waymarking

Waymarking is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.), Waymarking’s social mission is to support communities to lead local regeneration where they live and work. Our programme is primarily about enabling community-led and community-focussed planning, regeneration and economic development.

Key to our approach is facilitating partnership working between communities and private, public, creative and social sectors, to collaboratively and mutually regenerate their neighbourhoods, towns and city centres. When working with Waymarking, communities, businesses and organisations are recognised as experts in their places. They are given a voice, learn from their peers, develop community planning and organising skills and take an active role in shaping and influencing the development their neighbourhoods.

Waymarking's Team

Sarah Spanton: executive director

Charlotte Allen: non-executive director

John Hesketh: non-executive director

Waymarking also works with a small group of freelance creative community practitioners.

Waymarking's Programmes

  • Are robust, engaging, highly participatory and use creative approaches.

  • Have a track record of high-quality delivery, acting as a catalyst for successful change making in communities, especially those places deemed ‘disadvantaged’.

  • Jointly address social, economic and environmental issues, and provide effective, practical programmes that deliver strategic objectives.

  • Support professionals in private, public, creative and social sectors to enhance their skills to work with communities, residents and non-professionals.


Our programme includes

  • Community-led research

  • Statutory neighbourhood development plans

  • Community economic development

  • Public space co-design

  • Place-based community programmes & engagement

  • Community-led planning and regeneration

  • Technical planning services

  • Community-led housing

  • Community-led retail regeneration

  • CPD programme development & delivery

  • Strategic and cross-sector development

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