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Creative Timebanking

Sarah Spanton is one of the founder members of Leeds Creative Timebank, alongside Sue Ball and Andy Abbott and Garry Barker. This timebank has been running since 2010 and has over 100 members; arts practitioners from across the disciplines and also those from allied fields such as academia and activism.


Creative Timebanking is an innovative alternative exchange system, that allows artists and arts workers to exchange their skills, knowledge and experience with other members, using units of one hour of time as a currency. Timebanking can be invaluable for an artist community, offering a way to share and develop skills, explore new project ideas, to collaborate, network and realise projects, without using cash.


From 2011 onwards Sarah offered training and consultation around developing creative timebanks, both in the North East, North West and internationally, often working in close collaboration with Sue Ball.

Training/consultation projects have taken place with:

Contemporary Visual Arts Network North East

Platform Arts (Teesside),

Salford Arts Development Service Stroom (Den Haag)


The Invisible Hand
In 2013, Leeds Creative Timebank was featured in the research publication

‘The Invisible Hand; art in the transition to another economy’, commissioned by IETM and the British Council, which explores art practices across Europe which seek to forge alliances with the people and forces that could reshape our current economics systems.
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