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Heart and Soul Wellbeing Trail

The Heart & Soul programme is now in its fourth year, beginning in 2020, see Archive.


Heart & Soul Community Research Team developed and launched the Heart & Soul Wellbeing Trail in Woodhouse Park, Manchester in 2022. This urban walking trail links community spaces and facilities, parks and woodlands across Woodhouse Park. It is 8km (5 mile) long.


This project is co-designed and co-delivered with the Community Research Team and MCRactive who are partners and funders. In 2022 the team devised the trail, checked for issues on the route, created a photo guide, named the trail and began to hold guided walks introducing community members and groups to the route. Waymarking designed and produced the trail’s first A3 folded printed map.


In 2023 the team is working on an action plan to further enhance and develop the trail, aiming to design and install trail markers, information panels, online mapping, support groups to take ‘ownership’ of different parts of the trail’ and engage many more local residents in using the trail through a programme of activities.

Image credit: Logo co-designed by Heart & Soul Community Research Team & Waymarking C.I.C.

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