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Heart & Soul Parks Research

Waymarking is working in close partnership with Heart & Soul Community Research Team, MCRactive, and Manchester City Council Parks Dept. to co-design and co-deliver a series of workshops for local residents in two parks in Woodhouse Park, Manchester: Painswick Park and Kirkup Gardens. This research builds on a pilot phase which began in the Summer of 2022.


In 2023, these engaging and friendly outdoor workshops will support participants to develop a greater emotional connection to the two parks. The first stage of research has gathered evidence about the parks from 185 local park users and a second stage will begin to envision the parks as healthy and social places which encourage a greater sense of belonging and community pride.


Heart & Soul Community Research Team will help to analyse the evidence they collect from the workshops to identify key findings which will be presented in a final report.

Image credit: Sarah Spanton

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