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Harlow: resilience & prosperity

In 2017, DELVE (Sarah Spanton and Richard Sobey) completed their place-based report Resilience and Prosperity through Culture, Harlow – supported by Harlow Council’s Health and Wellbeing board.

Richard and Sarah spent a year undertaking an in depth on the ground and desk-based research, focussing on five core themes; health and wellbeing, education and life-long learning, green space and the environment, local economic development and creative economy.

Taking an asset-based approach and highlighting the connections between the five themes, the report includes an in-depth evidence-based spatial portrait of Harlow, analysis of all findings and the identification of eight key Harlow assets.

The second half of the report presents a series of eight cross-cutting initiatives as case study examples, to inform new thinking about ways of approaching activities that support the development of prosperity and resilience in Harlow using culture and heritage. One of the initiatives is unpacked in detail with budget implications, and timeline from development to completion.

Contact – for a copy of the report.

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