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Citizens 4 Change, Leeds

A socially-engaged project which took place from November 2013 - to April 2014. Citizens 4 Change was a development programme to support community activists and campaigners who are making positive social change in their neighbourhoods and across the wider Leeds area. It took place in partnership with Together for Peace .

The four groups were:

  • Seacroft and Gipton Fresh

  • Fuel Poverty Action Leeds

  • Friends of Dartmouth Park

  • New Wortley Recoil

Director Sarah Spanton facilitated a short workshop programme to support each group to work more effectively on their campaigns.


Reflecting on the programme
Sarah collaborated with Daniel Mutibwa  at that time a researcher at University of Leeds, to reflect on the programme, receiving Leeds Acts! funding.

Citizens for Change Exchange
Was a half-day gathering, held on Tues 8th April 2014, at Ebor Court, Leeds.
This final event was the culmination of the workshop programme, creating a space to bring those involved in community development in Leeds together to:

  • Hear from campaigning group members about their campaigns and activities

  • Discuss current issues raised by the groups (and other event participants)

  • Reflect on community development in Leeds

  • Make new links and connections between groups

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