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Heart & Soul 22

The goals of Heart & Soul programme (see Archive 2021) were to form a dedicated group of local residents who wanted to take a lead on issues of health and wellbeing in their neighbourhood, to research, find evidence and come up with ways to resolve issues identified, and take action to make a positive difference in their area. Using a process of structured facilitation and co-design and co-production Waymarking C.I.C. and MCRactive have supported the Heart & Soul Community Research Team (CRTeam) to undertake new community-led projects in 2022.


One of the Vision ideas for a Healthier Woodhouse Park ideas was a walking and running trail. In 2022, the CRTeam have worked together on planning and finalising the route of their walking trail idea, checking the trail for issues, naming the trail, holding a launch event, leading guided walks, producing printed maps and beginning an action plan for developing the trail further (in partnership with other local organisations).

The Vision also had several ideas that were focused on the two largest parks in the neighbourhood, Painswick Park and Kirkup Gardens. In partnership with Manchester City Council parks dept. the CRTeam undertook a series of workshops to engage local park users in beginning to explore in what ways park users value the two parks.

Image credits: Sarah Spanton

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