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Value in the Neighbourhood

In February 2013, in collbaoration with Ellen Holleman, Spanton undertook a month-long residency in Poelenburg, a residential district of the city of Zaandam, in the Netherlands.
The project was entitled, 'Waarde in de Wijk / Value in the Neighbourhood', and was part of the Thuisbasis programme of residencies commissioned by Parteon and the city of Zaandam.

Together Holleman and Spanton worked with local people opening up thinking around what is 'of value' in Poelenburg.
Much of their thinking and findings are available on the blog:

This residency was the starting point for more work collaborating with

communities and local citizens to find creative ways to explore our local living needs in these times of social, economic and environmental crises.

The 'Waarde in de Wijk / Value in the Neighbourhood' Seminar was held towards the end of the residency; bringing artists, urban designers, architects, and cultural producers from the UK and the Netherlands together. The seminar was contextualised by Sarah and Ellen's research,around identifying and putting to use existing value (assets) in neighbouthoods. The seminar shared research across borders and disciplines; case studies were presented and questions and issues around regeneration, cultural practice and community development were explored

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