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Towards Together

An exhibition by Waymarking, held at Bridge 5 Mill in the Flaxworks exhibition space area on the ground floor, previewing on 29 January 2020. The exhibition ran for 8 months until September 2020.


Photography and other materials, including maps and visual resources produced as part of a range of place-based projects from recent years. These included: Abram Communities Together, Tales of Miles Platting, St Cuthbert’s Conversations, Bradford Breakfast Club and Seed2Table.


The exhibition aimed to communicate how Waymarking works with communities and to highlight its social impacts. Presenting how Waymarking projects are about working with local communities to undertake pioneering experiments in their places to find local solutions - which are part of a journey towards living our lives differently in the near future. A future where all communities have wellbeing and prosperity, on a flourishing planet.

Image credits: Lisa Risbec & Sarah Spanton

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