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Exchanges for Change

Exchanges for Change is a pilot action research project commissioned by national network CTRLshift, a collaboration between organisations working nationally and locally in the UK, who work across a wide range of sectors but whose work involves shifting power from central and local government and corporations, to communities and individuals.


The pilot was set up in 2020 to explore a place-based approach to shifting power locally in North Staffs. It has been co-designed and co-produced by a working group made up of local Stoke-based CTRLshift partners Counter CommunityTherapy North Staffordshire and Unltd, alongside national CTRLshift partners Waymarking C.I.C. and Shared Assets C.I.C. and funder-partner Local Trust.


The project culminated in online ‘exchanges’, a workshop programme in Spring of 2021, exploring themes of mental wellbeing and caring, making and selling, democracy, value and planning and regeneration. Goals included to find common ground amongst participants and to begin to identify further ways of working together.


To read the findings from the action research go here for the report.

Image credit: Counter Coins produced for CTRLshift Summit Stoke on Trent 2019, by Jeremy Cliffe